Meet Future Tech From Today

New Generation Life Technology..

Residences can access all services and products
via pc, tablets or other mobile devices

Supermarket, grocery, butcher, car wash, restaurants, technical service, taxi station, pharmacy, cargo, locksmith, patisserie,
greengrocer and many other nearby shops & services are integrated in TouchLife.

Nearby Located

Tour agency, entertainment venues, night clubs, cinemas, furnisher,
jewellery, auto gallery, florist, petshop, nursery school, beauty center,
gift shop, clothing stores, car rental, catering, event and organization services, electronic shops are also in TouchLife.

All Service Providers

Decoration & design services, educational instutions, hospitals,
legal consultancy services, art academies and many other professions
are serviced through TouchLife.

TouchLife is not a cost, it’s a revenue model!

TouchLife deployment and operational costs can be reflected to property management fees, ( 1$ – 10$ per month ) and system can be activated without any cost for construction companies. On the orher hand, system also provides revenues from various shops and service providers joining TouchLife system.

Real Estate Companies can feature TouchLife in showrooms and highlight the unique technology within their marketing and promotion tools to fasten the sales process of apartments.


By offering residences an ‘ all in one platform ‘ of nearby services and products, real estate projects not only create a strong “wow” effect, but also allow “time poor” residences to recieve what they need in the most efficient way.  Whenever it is required, TouchLife is ready to serve them as a personal assistant, to notify all relevant service providers, products or events that are available in the nearby area. This provides residences a unique experience while reviewing all aspects with rich visuals and detailed information. Instead of picking up phone and calling, residences can access all services from tablets or phones with a single touch and enjoy their saved times while recieving their requirements with door to door services.

System also helps to understand customer behaviours and enables better tuned  and customized service & product offers.

Analysing and reporting big datas for service quality and gaining feed back from residences with surveys, implants the seeds of a new generation tech offering an easier and joyful life for residences.